Photo of the PHP and MySQL book cover
Two pages of the PHP and MySQL book, each page showing small code examples
Two pages of PHP and MySQL book showing diagrams and infographics that explain time and Unix timestamps

Welcome to a nicer way to learn PHP & MySQL

If you want to learn to build websites from scratch, or work with existing tools written in PHP (like WordPress), then we wrote this book for you.

We'll teach you how to read and write PHP code so you can create web pages that are tailored to each visitor. You'll also learn how to use MySQL databases to store a websites content and information about its members.

The first half of the book teaches the basics with bite-sized code examples that show how PHP works. The second half shows you how to create a complete website packed with features seen on many big sites.

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Learn How To
  • Read and write PHP code
  • Store data in a MySQL database
  • Tailor pages to each visitor
  • Build a CMS or social network
Skills Taught
  • Content management
  • Uploading images and media
  • Registration and membership
  • Comments and likes
Online Extras
  • Run code examples online
  • Download full sample website
  • Bonus reference materials