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Database-Driven Websites

Section C of the book shows you how to develop database-driven websites.

The pages of these sites are created using data stored in a database. The video on the right shows what you will learn in this section.

All of the code shown in the video is available in the code download.


Section C teaches you to build database-driven websites, where the content of the site and details about its members are stored in a database.

To help you learn, we'll build a sample website.

Introducing... Creative Folk, a website where creatives showcase examples of their work in one of four categories:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Illustration
  • Photography

And, each member has their own profile page that highlights their work.

This section starts by teaching you how databases store data in tables, rather like a spreadsheet. And you'll learn how a language called SQL (sequel or ess-queue-el) is used to get and update this data.

Next, you'll see how one PHP file can show can show every article on the site, using data from the database.

Finally, you learn how to build pages where the site owners can update the site, in the browser (no coding required).