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Extending the Sample Application

Section D shows you how to extend the website developed in Section C.

Each chapter introduces new techniques or adds features you will have seen on popular sites and social networks.

All of the code shown in the video is available in the code download.


In Section D you extend the sample application, which you started building in the previous section. It's called Creative Folk – a site where creatives upload examples of their work.

You're going to add features from popular websites and social networks. This will allow visitors to:

  • Register and log in
  • Upload examples of their own work
  • Update their profile and edit the work they've already uploaded
  • Send emails containing password reset links and contact form messages
  • And, they’ll be able to like and comment on other people's posts

Along the way, you’re going to learn techniques such as:

  • Refactoring
  • Dependency injection
  • Using Composer to manage dependencies
  • And, templating languages