Transactional Email Services

Typically a website might need to send two types of emails:

  • Bulk emails to their mailing lists, where each reader gets an email message which is very similar.
  • Transactional emails or individual emails, where a mail is sent in response to something an individual user is doing, such as registering for a service, requesting a password reset link, or making a purchase.

Your websites should use a service that specializes in sending these types of email (do not send them via a server designed to be used for a personal email account).

Using a service dedicated to sending this type of email will:

  • Result in better delivery rates
  • Reduce risks of your domain name being blacklisted for sending spam

When you are looking for a service that sends transactional emails, it will sometimes be marketed as an Email API or SMTP service. You can see some of the popular options below.

(An API, or Application Programming Interface, provides an interface that allows applications to make requests of other programs and services.)